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Get your news articles heard with the first all-in-one toolkit for automated audio news publishing.


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Convert News Articles into Audio

Using text-to-audio, and a little natural language processing magic, we produce the most humanlike audio for news.

Better access to your stories

In a world of disposable attention, unread subscriptions and overflowing bookmarks newsreaders are struggling to find the time to keep themselves informed about the topics they care about.

The power of audio

Audio is quickly becoming the media of the future and opening up new opportunities for storytelling.

  • 30%
    Percentage of all web browsing will be without a screen by 2020.
  • 13.7 Hours
    15 to 24 years olds spend listening to digital audio per week.
  • 73%
    Percentage of smart speaker owners that seek ‘News and Current Affairs’.

Introducing the automated audio toolkit

Seamlessly create, distribute, track and monetise hyperrealistic audio editions of your online news stories and newsletters, in seconds, across multiple channels.

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    Increase Your Engagement
    Increase your engagement-time by over 290% with audio editions.
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    Expand Your Reach
    Make your stories available on smart speakers and podcast apps.
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    Improve Retention
    Help your audience get the most out of your stories and keep them satisfied

“Much easier to listen and absorb facts”

- Newsreader, The Canary

“The speech is natural, and inflection is pleasant to hear. 10/10, amazing product.”

- Newsreader, Daily Maverick


Easy setup

Deploy audio effortlessly using our WordPress Plugin, your RSS Feeds or our robust audio API.

Create Audio Editions

Create high-quality audio editions of your news articles and newsletters in seconds using text-to-audio refined for news content.

Distribute Anywhere

Serve audio editions alongside every news story using our web player or distribute your newsletters and daily briefs to Alexa, Google Home or third-party podcast apps.

Audio Analytics

Unlock and understand your audio analytics with detailed audio engagement reports.


Pricing made for you

How many news stories do you publish each month?


24/7 support and advanced customisations

  • Supports URL, WordPress and RSS
  • Includes audio hosting
  • News article audio player
  • Weekly analytics report
  • Flash briefing and Podcast Feed
  • Alexa Skill
  • Self-serve audio platform
  • 24/7 chat and telephone support

Whether you’re an independent blogger or national broadcaster. We’ve designed flexible pricing tiers that give you an instant audio strategy at the fraction of the cost of traditional audio.

1M + Audio editions served globally
50K + Hours spent listening to stories

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Inform and open minds, effortlessly, with the power of audio.

Our Customers

We’re used by hundreds of news publishers and blogs, in over 20 languages, to serve audio editions to their newsreaders.